Salic Lab

Department of Cell Biology
Harvard Medical School
LHRRB 401A (office), LHRRB 405 (lab)
45 Shattuck St
Boston, MA 02115

Phone: 617-432-6341 (office), 617-432-6341 (lab)
Email: asalic[at]


Join the Lab!

We are always looking for people at any stage in their career, who are passionate about science, to join us! We believe strongly that science is a force for the greater good of humanity, which should be open to all and not limited by borders or social constructs.

To learn more about our most recent work and apply, please feel free to contact Adrian directly at asalic[at] 

Graduate students interested in a lab rotation should email Adrian to discuss potential projects. We encourage interest from students in any Ph.D. program, including Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS), Chemical Biology, Systems Biology, and others.

Postdoctoral applicants should email a CV, a brief description of past work and future interests, and the names of three references to Adrian.